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Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading
By eSignalLearning Team


Power of eSignal and Advanced charts with Tradier By Craig Russell, Tradier
Hosted by Cyber Trading University


By eSignalLearning Team


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Let our experienced instructors show you trading basics using eSignal.

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A series of basic strategies designed to help you be a better trader.

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Read what these trading educators have to say about their favorite trading strategies.

Platinum Capital Management, LLC

I use eSignal in this example to establish buy/sell signals...
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I have been trading individual stocks and their options since1992.
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Trading shares on the London Stock Exchange, Graeme progressed...
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Bollinger Capital Management

To get a good feeling for what's going on with a stock, I divide my...
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A coincidence of three Fibonacci price relationships will define...
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I have been trading the S&P 500 futures market since 1982...
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Trading is like playing pro football. What are the things you do to do...
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To understand my breakout / bounce trading approach, you need...
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The first step in any trading analysis is to...
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If you enter in the right direction but at the wrong price...
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Voodoo trading could add a lot to your bottom line. Gann, Elliott...
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What I look for are companies that...
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For the purposes of this article, I assume that you are familiar with...
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Think of a Fibonacci level as a tall building. Each floor is a support...
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Although I use several trading methods, one of my favorites is an...
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A popular trading method is the basic breakout strategy...
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Many trading systems and just about all opinions of market...
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I generally keep my main screen at full-page length, showing the...
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Good charts...
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Before I show an example of how eSignal's candle charts...
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One of my favorite arrangements in my eSignal application is...
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To be a successful trader in this market, you need...
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The key elements to Just Spreads' trading method are bar chart analysis...
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With 40+ years of trading experience, I understand that...
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My focus is on limiting my capital exposure and...
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Many people have told me that “knowing when to get out is the hardest part of trading.”
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My trading style incorporates the identification
of volatile...
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Learn the secrets of succesful trading. Trade any asset class no matter your experience.

New to eSignal?

Let our experienced instructors show you trading basics using eSignal.

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Getting Started with eSignal

Introductory training with focus on getting users up and running on the eSignal platform
  • Market Screener Plus: Scan the markets using Technical and Fundamental Data. Set up custom filters to find the best trading opportunities.
  • eSignal Apps: Learn about our new eSignal Apps interface
  • Watchlist Overview: Customize Columns, sort, and work with symbol lists
  • Managing Workspaces: Save pages, work with menus and toolbars
  • Finding Symbols: Work with symbol formats
  • Charting Overview: Insert symbols and intervals, add studies and drawing tools, work with time templates and chart styles



(your local time)
Can't attend? Click here for the recorded webinar of the basic training.
Focus on trading integration which allows you to place trades directly in eSignal.
  • Trading Integration: Using the Broker Manager to configure your broker specific plug-in, setting order defaults, and symbol mapping
  • Trade Menu Overview: Working with the Trade Manager, Account Manager, and Money Manager
  • Placing a Trade: Creating a new order, working with order types, and trading from the charts
  • Simulated Trading: Test your strategies using eSignal Paper Trading and Simulated Data


at -
(your local time)
Can't attend? Click here for the recorded webinar of the advanced training.

Getting Started with Market Screener Plus

There are no scheduled events at this time.

Getting Started with Options Analytix

One-hour class is focused on user questions about program operation, integration with eSignal, usage, and general options-related trading questions. The class will be structured around the participation of attendees and their questions. Topics include:
  • Market Direction - identify market direction and which Industry Sectors and Groups have the strongest trading opportunities.
  • Options Essentials - discuss the concept of Over and Underpriced Options based on Volatility and Options indicator.
  • Real-Time Trade Scanning - how Options Analytix scan both Stocks and Options for real time trade setups.
  • Long Calls and Long Puts - find the best Long Call and Long Put trading opportunities utilizing the Options Analytix Charts, Matrix, and Projection Tool.
  • Straddles and Strangles - setup trades efficiently to find the best prospects resulting in the most profits using the Options Analytix Risk Graph.
  • Covered Calls – using "Sweet Spot", identify the correct time to sell options to maximize the profits and minimize the risk of selling calls. with the Collar Trade.

Every Wednesday


at -
(your local time)

This webinar can be accessed with an active Options Analytix subscription. Guests are not admitted into this meeting.

Partner Webinars

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There are no scheduled events at this time.
There are no scheduled events at this time.


eSignal Learning Members

The Benefits of Membership

Now that you own the best analytics tool in the industry, the multi-award-winning Advanced GET edition of the eSignal software, among the benefits you can enjoy is membership in eSignal Learning -- with direct access to our instructor-traders.

The experts who teach our advanced trading classes use Advanced GET everyday to trade their own accounts, so you can be confident that the training you receive from them will help you make better trades.

Included with your eSignal, Advanced GET:

  • Mentoring from some of the best in the business
  • Foundations in Trading classes, a continuous progress curriculum that takes you from novice to experienced trader
  • Pre-recorded Foundations classes to view in the convenience of your office or home and in your own time
  • The Member Events, a members-only online meeting room, where we will hold regularly scheduled group discussions

Mentoring Program / Foundations in Trading Classes

Click here for complete overview of the mentoring program

Included in the initial purchase of Advanced GET, is an extensive 3-month education program designed specifically for traders by traders. The program consists of 2-hour, live online training 4 times per week in a small group setting. Each class covers 1 of 6 core training segments and includes ample time for analyzing chart patterns and open Q&A.

If you attend all the weekly classes, you'll get almost 100 hours of custom trading education. We augment our live courses with a library of multi-media archives and extensive documentation, available exclusively for eSignal Learning Members 24 / 7.

Our live weekly 2-hour Mentoring / Foundations of Trading events, conducted by one of our professional traders, begin by focusing on one of the Foundation topics. Then, they evolve into questions and answers suggested by the material, as well as by the members in attendance.

Live Online "Mentoring / Foundations of Trading" Events Schedule

3:00 - 5:00 PM Pacific Time
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Pacific Time
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Pacific Time

Pre-Recorded Foundations Events

Program Manipulation
Downloading, setting up pages (sample pages), charts, quote (Watch List) windows, depth, time and sales
Entry Techniques and Trigger Methods
Regression trend channel and 6/4 displaced moving average, stops and risk-reward
GET Stochastic
Rules for the trade, ellipse, phase of the market and its targets
XTL Breakout / Breakdown
Rules for the trade, phase of the market
Elliott Wave Trades Type 1 and 2
Overall pattern, history, market phases targeted
Money Management
Make-or-Break (MOB) and ½ MOB, stops, risk
Scanning and the Dashboard
GET Edition, 10.6 users only)Setting up scans for each trading strategy; Dashboard for each strategy flow

eSignal Learning Premium Live Events

Our Advanced Classes -
To strengthen your trading skills, we encourage you to consider coming to one of these classes. These small, in-person seminars will provide you with the personal attention and in-depth education on trading the markets that you need to make your best trades.

The eSignal Mentoring Program

This three-month education program is included with your purchase of Advanced GET, and one of the benefits of eSignal Learning membership. It features live, online, 2-hour, small group classes four times a week. The first 30 minutes are devoted to one of six core training segments (what we call GET Foundations of Trading training). The remaining 90 minutes includes analysis of specific chart patterns and open Q&A. In total, the classes represent nearly 100 hours of custom trading education.

The GET Foundations in Trading topics are supported by archived recordings, a variety of documents from our KnowledgeBase (KB) and the Foundations in Trading manual provided with your initial purchase. Whether you're new to technical analysis or an old pro, you can pick and choose the topic and the training method. All recordings and KB documents are available 24 / 7 to eSignal Learning members.

Access to the Mentoring Program is automatically added to new user accounts, so you don't need to pre-register. Simply review the schedule and join the classes at their posted start times. (We recommend joining 10 minutes early for your first class, so you can get accustomed to our virtual classroom.)

For those who choose to skip the Foundations in Trading topic portion of the class, you can join us any time 30 minutes after the scheduled start to participate in the Q&A. View a complete schedule of the Mentoring and Foundations of Trading classes.

The following table lists the six core training segments and associates them with other resources available to members. We highly recommend that you gain a thorough grasp of each of the six core segments during your first three months of membership so that you can fully benefit from the weekly interactive classes. (Extensions of the Mentoring and Foundations of Trading classes are available upon request.)

After the first 3 months, GET members will continue to have access to the recorded archives and monthly member Online Meeting Room events (look to the right of this page for the Online Meeting Room schedule). And, don't forget to subscribe to the GET Trading blog and stay in touch with our traders.

Topic Description Archived Video Manual Reference KnowledgeBase Articles
Type 1 Elliott Wave Type 1 Trade(trend trade) Watch Video Foundations Manual, Appendix 2, pg.138

eSignal, Advanced GET, Manual, Chapter 11
Elliott Wave Theory: Overview and Brief Explanation

Applying Elliott Waves
Type 2 Elliott Wave Type 2 Trade (counter-trend trade) Watch Video Foundations Manual, Appendix 2, pg.138

Advanced GET, Manual, Chapter 11
Elliott Wave Theory: Overview and Brief Explanation

Applying Elliott Waves
XTL XTL Trade (break-out trade) Watch Video Foundations Manual, Appendix 4, pg.171

Advanced GET, Manual, Chapter 20
Applying the XTL Study

Overview of the XTL
False Bar Stochastic False Bar Stochastic Trade (continuation trade) Watch Video Foundations in Trading Manual, Appendix 3, pg.165 Overview of the False Bar Stochastic
Money Management Basic Money Management (risk / reward) Watch Video Foundations in Trading Manual, Unit 2, pgs. 41 and 120 Overview of the MOB

Overview of Fibonacci lines

Overview of Regression Trend Channel
Entry Techniques Trigger Techniques Watch Video Foundations in Trading Manual, Appendix 1, pg.128

eSignal, Advanced GET, Manual, Chapter 15
Overview of the 6/4 DMA

Overview of Regression Trend Channel
* For active eSignal Learning Members only

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What Attendees are Saying

"On my first day of trading since the seminar, I made more money than on any single day since I started trading about 8 months ago..." - E. Carson

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Mentoring Program

Included in the initial purchase of Advanced GET, is an extensive 3-month education program designed specifically for traders by traders.

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