The Mission

eSignal Learning's mission is to offer active traders the education, the strategies and the tools (such as the Advanced GET edition of the eSignal software) to trade profitably -- to help them learn their way to better trades. Our website offers a place for those who want a reliable source of actionable trading education, as well as tips, classes and full programs.

Objectives in Support of the Mission:

  • Provide timely trading education, in-print and online, live and recorded
  • Offer product training and basic product information
  • Showcase the proprietary tools within Advanced GET

Everything you may have heard about education for traders has changed!

More traders use eSignal to make money in the world's increasingly complex markets than any other service in its class. So, we have built eSignal Learning to provide you with the knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

eSignal Learning offers you trading education, no matter your level of experience. We have spent more than 25 years serving the investment community and providing the tools needed to make money in the markets: Reliable, real-time market data and analytics. And, our experience tells us that the industry we support offers many challenges and rewards those who have taken the time to learn the best trading methodologies and strategies.

We saw a need to move into the arena of trading education and product training so that we could "partner" with you in the pursuit of -- not just the tools for success -- but the knowledge and skill to make success a reality.

The Team

We saw a need to move into the arena of trading education and product training so that we could "partner" with you in the pursuit of -- not just the tools for success -- but the knowledge and skill to make success a reality.

Graeme Ballard of the eSignal London office has been an active trader since 2001. Trading shares on the London Stock Exchange, Graeme progressed to futures, mainly FTSE 100 and DAX 30. With the rise of spread betting in the UK, Graeme now trades mainly through spread betting and some direct UK stocks, heavily relying on the Advanced GET Stochastic and Fibonacci.

Graeme trades in various timeframes and holds trades from seconds to months. He has a deep understanding of technical analysis and regularly does presentations for investment banks and trading institutions. In addition to his own personal trading experience, Graeme has gained an understanding of multiple trading philosophies throughout his years in various roles at eSignal. Graeme brings a wealth of knowledge regarding international exchange trading, as well as an intimate understanding of the UK trading environment, to all his educational presentations.

Andy Bushak, an eSignal Learning Guest Presenter is a full-time trader and seminar leader. Andy's early career included graduation from the United States Naval Academy, five years in Surface Warfare, a stint as a professional football player and with Hewlett-Packard. He started trading full time with the original handheld QuoTrek and doing charts by hand. His method was simple: Elliott and Fibonacci. Throughout his trading career, his focus has remained the same: To teach, you have to be able to do! His User Seminars include live trading in the tradition of a long-standing Advanced GET motto: "Traders helping traders".

What our attendees are saying...

"Men of the Trade: I wanted to say a special thanks to each of you for a fantastic seminar this week. On my first day of trading since the seminar, I made more money than on any single day since I started trading about 8 months ago. I was finally DOING what you teach, not just THINKING ABOUT DOING IT (i.e., applying reward / risk ratios, scaling positions, etc.). Some of this involves the "guts" to do what needs to be done. On a practical level, you help provide people with the skills they need to make a living. On a deeper, philosophical level, you work with people to allow them to live out their dreams. The four of you "gave" to the class every minute for three straight days. I don't see how it would have been possible to impart any more useful information in that amount of time. Again, thank you." Ed
"...the seminar was invaluable. It is a must for new users. I learned how to use the tools and, more importantly, which tools should be used for buying and which for selling. Best of all, I saved the price of admission during the Monday session when I received a confirmed sell signal on one of my positions." D. Allen
"Thanks for everything. The seminar was more than I expected. I have already made my money back and then some. I have a new outlook on my trading. I owe that to you and your team." G. Leathers

Mentoring Attendee Reviews

"Thanks, Duane. I'm nearing the end of my 3-month period during which I've been receiving the mentoring sessions for "free" and wasn't sure until I attended your session last night if I was going to purchase another 3 months or not. I have to tell you that I felt it was so useful that I signed up for another 3 months immediately this morning. I really do like your approach and teaching style. Looking forward to the next time I catch you on a Tuesday evening." G. Quintanilla
"I'm writing this note to express my appreciation for the mentoring classes. The mentoring, including the pre-recorded Foundations classes, are outstanding. It is a privilege to receive guidance from this exceptional team of master traders. My experience with all of you has been nothing but professional...Keep up the good work." M. Alazar